who are we?

Crew Gear is an independent merchandise brand from Liverpool, trying to do the impossible by selling t-shirts and merch to people who usually get them for free… the Road Crew.

Hard working crew need hard wearing stuff, so we’ll always use the best quality, sustainably made items to make sure they last past the end of the tour without the excessive impact on the environment.

As time goes on we’ll be expanding the range to include other designs and item lines; all the things that come in handy wherever you are in the world.

doing our bit

We know that life on the road takes its toll both physically and mentally, that’s why we’re giving back to our brothers and sisters with 10% of all sales being split between Stagehand and Music Support charities.

These two organisations do amazing work that help road crew through tough times, so even if you’re not buying anything, you can make a direct donation using one of the two links below.